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Custom Church Door Systems in Swoyersville, Pennsylvania

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Baut Studio in Swoyersville, Pennsylvania, creates custom door systems for your church. We work within your budget to provide the finest, most functional aluminum church doors for your money. Contact us to learn more about our church décor.

Reinventing the Door Frame
When Gene Baut figured out why the doors he was installing his artistic panels into were failing, he suggested a fix to the manufacturer. They politely told him where to go but he went to the drawing board instead. Gene designed his own extrusion dies, incorporating features he thought were beneficial. All this culminated in Baut taking the plunge and manufacturing our own custom doors.

The Complete Package
Now Baut handles all structural and decorative aspects of church doors thanks to our in-house artists and engineers. We can build exceedingly intricate church doors with ease. With our skill, Baut doors have been installed worldwide successfully in cathedrals, churches, public buildings, and schools by both Baut Studios craftsmen and local glazers.

Contact us at (570) 288-1431 in Swoyersville, Pennsylvania, to find out more about custom doors.